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The Molecule Project is a clean water alternative that utilizes the industry's highest-grade residential and commercial water purification to minimize our carbon footprint while providing cleaner, healthier water.

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Puerto Rico

Regrow Puerto Rico

The Molecule Project is proud to announce our Regrow Puerto Rico effort: an initiative to send solar and battery-powered Molecule Water Filling Stations to the areas in Puerto Rico hardest hit by Hurricane Maria. Each station we install will be able to provide up to 3000 gallons of free, purified drinking water every single day to people in desperate need of clean water.

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The Molecule Water Filling Stations can filter a variety of water sources ranging from city or well water, to raw river water. The filters can clean these types of water up to 3000 ppm after which the water is remineralized and re-oxygenated through proprietary filters.

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Our Process

The Water

The Water Club

For only $20 a month, you'll be a member of the Water Club, meaning you can come in store as many times as you'd like and refill as much water as you want. You'll have unlimited access to new, clean, and healthy alternatives to contaminated municipal water and harmful bottled water.

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