BlueWater Cleone

$1,000.00 $1,499.00

Removes 95% of most known contaminants from water
Produces 43 gallons purified water every day
4.5 gallon water storage tank included,Easy installation and maintenance.Offering advanced, reliable and modern water purification with great-looking compact design, the Bluewater CleoneTM will help you drink cleaner, healthier water like nature intended it to be.The elegant CleoneTM is a necessary part of every modern kitchen, fitting easily beneath the kitchen sink. The Bluewater CleoneTM uses reverse-osmosis, the most advanced and reliable water-purification technology available today. Right from the start of its journey through CleoneTM, water borne contaminants meet a barrier consisting of three high capacity pre-filters. Larger particles like sediment, dirt and rust with a diameter 0.02mm or higher are removed by Cleone's first sediment pre-filter. Smaller, invisible colloidal particles which passed the first obstacle, are stopped by the four-times more dense second sediment pre-filter. The third, highest quality activated carbon adsorption pre-filter, removes chlorine, light micro-particles, some organic impurities and basic taste defects. Cleone's triple filtered water is at this stage already better than any tap water, but there is more. The next stage of water purification in the CleoneTM comprises an osmotic semi-permeable membrane that filters water at a molecular level. The clean water atoms are passed through millions of incredibly small (visible only under electron microscope) membrane pores smaller than 0.0001 micrometer. Chemical substances, organics, toxins, heavy metals, trihalomethanes, biological impurities and hundreds of other dissolved in water contaminants are trapped, separated and flushed to the drain. Clean is the most advanced water-purification system. It brings the joy of cleaner water to everybody: to those who care about their health, to those who appreciate the taste of clean water and want it readily available at home, to those who realize how important a clean environment is, but also to those who are eager to save on their drinking water expenses. Say goodbye to costly plastic bottles water!
Unique leak protection system and automatic membrane flushing system
Made in Sweden engineering for rock-solid reliability